Sunday, March 22, 2009

RaTU SDN. BHD. (Rangkaian Terjemahan & Interpretasi Unggul)

1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Mission
• Our company, RaTU Sdn. Bhd. will provide translation and localization services in all languages to business and government clientele enhancing their ability to compete in global markets.
• RaTU committed to delivering the most accurate translation services and finest interpreters to the corporate world. Our technology-enhanced approach and our commitment to a quality staff help companies of every size communicate each message clearly, ultimately reducing time and cost, and improving their bottom line.

1.2 Vision
• Delivering consistently high quality of language and services which surpass customer expectations. Using innovative technology, we will continually improve processes and profitability.
• To establish a worldwide community of language experts united in the common goal of improving international communications

1.3 Key To Success
• Our corporate values guide more than our business pursuits. They encompass our view of our role in the wider market and global community, which is to lead, to serve, and to unite.
• At RaTU, we believe success is often about being first, and that’s why innovation has been such an important part of our growth. We know that by leading the way with new solutions, new strategies, and new ways of working, we will be able to stay at the forefront of the translation industry.
• We’re committed to applying the highest standards of professional performance to every aspect of our work because we know our success comes from your success.

1.4 Objectives
• Diversity is the cornerstone of our business. Our work is all about uniting the collective intelligence of hundreds of translation professionals from countries throughout the world.
• We have established a worldwide community of experts united in the common goal of improving communication for the international marketplace.

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