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3.0 Services

3.1 Translation
RaTU Sdn. Bhd. translation is based on the accurate and consistent translation of the certain terminology and the specific content. It requires joint efforts of project managers, professional translators, editors and proof-readers to ensure authenticity. At RaTU Sdn. Bhd. we pay meticulous attention to quality and confidentiality, and believe that individual approach is a key factor in maintaining trusting relationships with our clients. We employ only competent translators with a wealth of experience in various disciplines that match the needs of our clients to provide the best translation and localization services in many areas of business. Whether you need to translate catalogs and user manuals, financial reports and marketing materials, academic articles and scientific publications, web site contents and software interfaces, RaTU Sd. Bhd. will cope with any task on-time and on-budget. Our primary aim is to exceed client’s expectations every time.
We provide services in the following areas:
- Document Translation
- Medical Translation
- IT and Technical Translation
- Advertising Translation
- Website Translation
- Legal & Financial Translation
Besides, our team of professionals provides the translation services for documents of any format and level of difficulty in the various type of language. However, we are focusing on the languages widely use in Malaysia such as Malay, Chinese, Tamil and local dialects like Sabahan dialects. We also provides the translation for foreign languages like English, Japanese, Arabic, Tagalog and Javanese.
Plus, our company also provide the inbound translation in certain language such as Arabic Letters to Roman Letters and vice versa also from Chinese Character to Chinese Particle and vice versa.
For the example, refer to the Appendix.
This is the flow on how we work with our translation procedure:
3.1.1 Need Assessment & Project Management
A project coordinator is assigned to each client to monitor the quality of services throught the translation process and ensure consistency in project management
3.1.2 Glossary Compilation
The glossary of terms are specific to the client's company and industry and is used to ensure that the terminology is consistent with the terms already utilized by the client's foreign subsidiaries.
3.1.3 Translation, Editing & Proofreading
All of our linguists are native speakers of the language into which they translate. A professional translator performs the initial conversion of the text into the target language. The technical aspects are then professional who reviewed by the expert (a M.D., Ph.D. doing lab research, or expert who is currently working in the related field)
3.1.4 Formatting & Galley Review
Once the text is finalized, our formatter uses the formatted source language files to flow in the target language text. The formatted document is then galley reviewed by the project's proofreader. We also provide:
-DTP formatting of the target language versions (PageMaker, QuarkXPress, etc.).
-Import of graphic files.
-Electronic files (PDF, EPS or TIF) or linotronic output for non-roman character languages like Japanese and Chinese.
3.1.5 Client Galley Review
Laser proofs of the formatted versions are submitted to the client for approval. The in-house graphics staff will have the opportunity to review the proofs and suggest changes.
3.1.6 Final Documents
If the client's printer cannot use a PDF or TIF file, we deliver a line output or camera-ready copy.

3.2 Interpretation
Our company interpretation is based on accurate and consistent in conveying message. We are able to provide you with our experienced and qualified interpreters from any language to English and English to various type of languages like Malay, Chinese, Tamil and local dialects like Sabahan dialects. We also provides the interpreting for foreign languages like Arabic, Japanese, Tagalog and Javanese with friendly, flexible and reliable attitude throughout the region focusing in South East Asia.We provide in various types of interpreting such as:
3.2.1 Simultaneous Interpretation:
This is often used for situations such as international conferences, critical business discussions or negotiations, seminars and court hearings. Simultaneous interpreting involves the interpreter translating to the client in real-time.
3.2.2 Consecutive Interpretation
This style is used for many circumstances such as business discussions, negotiations, contract exchanges, legal, technical or engineering discussions and medical or court hearings. An interpreter listens to what a speaker says, while often making notes, then conveys the meaning into the target language.
3.2.3 Facilitating Interpretation:
Our interpreters will assist clients in numerous ways. As an example, when clients have conversational English but want to be very precise in certain points, or perhaps when involved in lengthy discussions and the client becomes mentally fatigued, the interpreter is able to facilitate more effective communication. In the case of Chinese clients who speak English with some proficiency but still require some reassurance, we suggest our facilitating interpreter interacts on behalf of the attendees to ensure they receive the full facts for later digestion
3.2.4 Telephone Interpreting:
This is a method of simultaneous interpreting for when there is no booth equipment or microphone set and with a few people who do not speak a particular language. The interpreter will sit behind or sometimes next to the client to translate for them.We have found this is effective when you are very busy and cannot travel to your counterpart’s country, but want to find a method of expediting affairs. If video conference interpreting is required, this will take place at the client’s premises.
3.2.5 Whispering Interpreting:
RaTU Sdn. Bhd. is happy to undertake work in any field, as its chief aim is to make all its clients confident that they can come back and receive the same high-quality services. We have the ability to adapt to almost any type of project, from medium-term to long-term corporate venture, to first-time contact with a company, whereby we all explore the unknown and discover new grounds.

3.2.6 Sign Language Interpreting
RaTU Sdn. Bhd. sign language interpretation is based on the accuracy in conveying message or the meaning at least as accurate as possible. Our interpreters will translate what is said verbally, matching the deaf person's mode of communication. In turn, the interpreter will translate into spoken language what the deaf person is signing. While some deaf or hard of hearing people are accomplished lip-readers, they often still require the services of an interpreter who complements the verbally delivered message with sign.
3.3 Subtitling/Captioning
RaTU Sdn. Bhd. provides post-production captioning and subtitling services for television networks, film studios, video production houses, educational institutions, firms, and corporations. We produce caption and subtitle files in various languages for recorded videos such as television programs, theatrical releases, home videos, training videos, public relations presentations, and webcasts. We can provide captions and subtitles in any of the following language such as Malay, Chinese, Tamil and local dialects like Sabahan dialects. We also provides the translation for foreign languages like English, Japanese, Arabic, Tagalog, Indonesian Language and Javanese. We believe that translation accuracy crucially depends on the translator’s ability to recognize cultural nuances and grasp the actual idea communicated before using appropriate words in the target language that convey the exact same message. We make use of translator who are highly fluent in source and are native speakers of the specific foreign language they specialize in. This ensures that the translated material is culturally sensitive and reflects the correct dialectal usage of the target language. All subtitling are done in their mother tongue.
Besides, we also offer such extra services. There are:
3.4 Transcription
Transcription is the transfer of oral language to written form. RaTU Sdn. Bhd. transcribers can take your multilingual recordings on DVDs, audio tapes, video tapes, mini-cassettes, and electronic files and convert them into written format in various type of spoken language such as Malay, Chinese Language, Tamil, Arabic, Japanese, Tagalog, Indonesian Language and Javanese.
3.5 Voice-over
RaTU Sdn. Bhd. has built the voice bank patiently inspired by the fact that our customers need one contact and one service provider for all their needs. That is a cost and time saver as it gives us a chance to offer our clients very attractive discounts for a group of projects or a group of languages. Our bank voice supports over 50 native speakers for the multi-lingual voice over. We provide the voice over service for TV commercial, movies thriller, narration and documentary, corporate videos, cartoon and others.

3.6 Emcee
RaTU Sdn. Bhd. provide the bi-lingual emcee that can conduct the event in various language such as Malay, English, Mandarin, Tamil, Japanese, Arabic, Tagalog, Indonesian Language, Javanese and Sabahan dialects.
3.7 Training
We provide training especially for the interpreters who want to upgrade their talent. Besides, the training session is based on their performance. Usually we provide 1-3 months training and the payment rate is shown below.

3.8 Rates and Payment

RaTU Sdn. Bhd. offers the most competitive rate in the industry. Rates are dependant on the following factors such as source and target language, the technicality and complexity of the text, delivery deadlines and volume.
No. Services Rates
1 Translation RM 0.50 / word
2 Interpretation RM 80 / hour
3 Subtitiling/Captioning RM 350 / tape
4 Transcription RM 0.25 / word
5 Voice-over RM 300 / 15 minutes
6 Emcee RM 350 / hour
7 Training RM 300 / month

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